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Dave Janney

Orlando Baptist Church

Phone: (407) 277-8671


Don Baier

Seminole Baptist Temple

Phone: (417) 881-4200


We are thrilled to be sending Tarl and Adrienne from Orlando Baptist Church to the city of London, through the Baptist Bible Fellowship. Tarl has fulfilled a three-year internship on staff at our church and has proven himself faithful and dependable. Adrienne is one of our truly “home-grown’ missionaries being sent out of Orlando Baptist Church. I have known her since Jr. High and have had the pleasure of watching her grow up and become a great young woman of God. I know they will do a great job as missionaries to the country of England.  Please help us send them as soon as we can to make a difference in the vast city of London.

It is my privilege to recommend to your mission family Tarl and Adrienne Reeves. They have a burden and passion to go the city of London and share the good news of Jesus Christ. The Reeves' have been a faithful part of the ministry of our church. They will be a blessing and encouragement to your church family.

Brian Clark  

Missionary to London

Phone: 011 44 778 963 5452


London is a city that is not lacking on religion; but what it needs desperately are men who are going to teach and preach the Word of God with the intent of saving souls, making disciples and planting churches both here in London and around the world. That is why we are so excited to work with Tarl and Adrienne. I am so encouraged to find another couple who is passionate about planting churches in this most needy and strategic city. I hope you will grab this opportunity to get behind the Reeves. My prayer is that God will use them to saturate this world city with Bible believing churches; and this is your chance to be a part of it.

Jon Konnerup

BBFI Mission Director

Phone: (417) 862-5001


Although England was once a land of Christian values with many churches and sending many missionaries, today it is far from God with very few even knowing of the name of Jesus Christ.  This country in darkness is in great need of the light of the Gospel and the Reeves are called, trained, and prepared to be that light.  I have strong confidence that the Reeves will represent your church in taking the Gospel to this now multicultural country in desperate need of someone to share the love of God with them.